My Cosmic Job

August 24th, 2005

My friend Gail likes to straighten things up.  When we have lunch out she’ll neatly arrange the napkins and cutlery on the table, and bring any other stray items into line.  "Don’t mind this," she said once, years ago, "It’s my cosmic job.  Nature’s Little Pruner."

I loved the idea of a cosmic job, a clear, simple task to which one was cosmically assigned, that makes use of one’s natural bent.  I wanted a cosmic job. As it turns out, I have one.  I am the Direction Giver.

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Running with Sheep, Part II

August 23, 2005

Aside from the start it gives to the locals, the most striking difference between running in an American city and running in the rural west of Ireland is dealing with the various animals that may suddenly spring up between you and the road.  Dogs, sheep and cows are the main impediments, although the occasional waddling family of ducks can halt forward progress as well. 

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