Cynics? No.

April 24, 2009

I'm jumping on the Susan Boyle bandwagon.  I think she can handle it.  She seems unusually sane (much like our current President. Is an international outbreak of sanity quietly unfolding? But I digress…).  What interests me in the Boyle phenomenon is how often people referred to themselves as cynics when discussing their reaction to her performance on "Britain's Got Talent."  They were cynics before she sang, and big-hearted converts after. 

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Post Theocracy

April 17, 2009

Holy Thursday evokes a spirit of contemplation and renewal in Ireland.  In particular, the contemplative realization that, ye god, the pubs and off-licenses are closed tomorrow (one of only two days in the year on which they are closed) and a renewal of the home alcohol stocks in an evening rush of panic buying.  A day without drinking.  This shall not be.

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