When Puppies Go Bad

Croppedlucy [Written in the summer of 2006, in the three-week period I was trapped in the kitchen with a new puppy who had separation anxiety.  Posted May 20, 2009]

"Belle Weaver is flying into the nation's capital today to receive an award for saving a family member's life… Stories such as hers, of heroism and quick thinking, are always inspiring. But this one has a twist, and not just because Belle is 3 years old.  You see, Belle Weaver is a beagle. She used her owner's cellphone to call 911." (Washington Post, 6/19/06)

“I want a mobile,” said Lucy, my four-month old puppy.  “Oh, right,” I retorted, “like you’re gonna use a mobile to save my life.  You’ll just be chatting with all the pups in the neighborhood, costing me a fortune.”  She looked at me solemnly, then sprang up in crazy leaps to lick my face.  “I can order pizza,” she said, between slurpy dog kisses.  “I’ll think about it,” I muttered, as she snuggled into my lap, utterly adorable. 

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